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" System of programmable 7 programs " opens up new opportunities for people . AUTOSENSER- card also allows anyone to open a new world for themselves. Extraordinary opportunities are achieved thanks to a simple human desire to be healthy, happy and young, both mentally and physically.Important to understand that this method Pharmacology - TREATMENT - NOT USED, NOR ANY OTHER! And besides words and ideas embodied in the "System of programmable 7 programs " through the application of AUTOSENSER - card, no other human impacts on itself has not, except his own motives POSITIVE ( optional ) 


Hello, dear people! This book will not differ in any way from previous books. It is about good and evil. About good (our higher «I») and evil (programs which try to arrange our life chaotically, depending on how much you are guilty towards oneself in the opinion of your brain. So it is time to cover this topic more widely and attract people` attention to the question of who we are if to think in the plane – the spirit – the soul – the body, speaking more broadly, the spirit – structure of the Soul (Higher Self), the body - consciousness (which also includes subconsciousness) and some more structures named as mind and intelligence, AND also the SHELL, which is responsible for sensory perception. It is very important to note that it is sensual perception we refer to, and not aspects of suffering. I mean that feelings and emotions - are two different things! And it is suffering that refer to emotions. And now, to not confuse you completely, I want to explain what I mean by ALL these descriptions.






SPIRIT = SOUL + consciousness it is the ideal scheme for EVERY person with which ones earthly journey should be ended. Of course, this is ideal prospective. And if one managed to achieve such harmony (this is what really can be called harmony for the soul), the soul of such person breaks some dependence so to say, of the huge number of conditions relating to the earth cycles completion, although one must be very careful of the word "dependence" in relation to such structure as the "soul", which gives an opportunity for the soul to move to the next stage of development and to become an angel.

Do not think that this promotion within the universal HIERARCHY entails a complete detachment from earthly life. For angelic soul, I mean for the soul of an angel, and namely for the structure people habitually call the soul, such promotion leads to a new responsibility since now it has ceased to be the soul structure «person» and became the soul structure «angel», and the angel, unlike man, has his own responsibilities and rights. And of course, ACCORDING to people` understanding, in which an angel is CONSIDERED to be omnitient and much more powerful than a man, all this seems quite alluring.

But the truth is that I rely on YOU, people who have read the  previous book, and have already received some information about themselves and have found the link with his Higher I, so I'm counting namely on you, not on those who began the process of self-discovery with this book. Without reading the previous book, you won`t be able to understand what I`m talking about here. I`m trying to tell you about things, which are stated in many scriptures and about things which are hidden from human eyes sometimes with malicious intent, and sometimes for the good. So this book can truly be regarded as the book for the elite.